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Application Guide for Registration to Practice Optometry in Nova Scotia

Thank you for your interest concerning entering the practice of optometry in Nova Scotia



OEBC - Optometry Examining Board of Canada

NSCO - Nova Scotia College of Optometrists



Requirements for Issuing of a Certificate of Registration

  1. The applicant must have completed a NSCO application.

  2. The applicant must have graduated from a school of optometry, accredited by the American Council of Optometric Education.

  3. If the applicant has previously practiced optometry, he or she must be a member of good standing in all jurisdictions where he or she holds a certificate of registration.

  4. The applicant must not have been convicted of a criminal offense or an offense under the Narcotic Control Act (Canada) or the Food and Drug Act (Canada) or of any offense of similar laws in any other country.

  5. The applicant must have Canadian citizenship, permanent residency or authorization under the Immigration Act (Canada) to engage in the practice of optometry.

  6. The applicant must successfully complete all examinations set or approved by the NSCO.

  7. The applicant must be approved by the Board of the NSCO.

  8. Upon approval by the Board of the NSCO the applicant must complete an annual membership report form.

  9. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the NSCO receives his or her information. Please contact the NSCO admin offices if you do not receive updates from us regarding the status of your application.


Process for Registration

Please visit our website @ and complete the application online.

With respect to degree obtained and date:  If you have not yet received your degree, declare your expected degree and date of graduation. 

Upon receipt of your completed application, it will be reviewed by the Registrar.

Please click here to access the on-line ' NSCO Application for Registration Form '.

The application must be complete in all respects before it will be considered.

Once all documents have been received, all fees paid, and the application is complete, the Registrar will allow the applicant to write the jurisprudence exam via email.  The applicant will be provided with the study materials.  The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions and is an open book format.  The applicant has 10 days to complete it.

Upon successful completion of the jurisprudence exam, a licensing application and invoice will be issued to the applicant.

When the licensing application is completed and all fees are paid, a license to practice optometry in the province of Nova Scotia will be issued to the applicant.


*Candidates should expect a three month processing period after sitting the CACO before obtaining final registration in Nova Scotia.